Our Philosophy

Grow in knowledge, thrive in faith

1.Catholic Community:

We live the Charism of Mary MacKillop and the legacy of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

We are a community in a position to be able to help others.

We have an understanding of Spirituality.

We are Outward Facing.

We acknowledge the central role of parents as first educators of their children, assisting us to create a quality educational environment.

We have an expectation that the community supports the direction of the school.

2. Proud History:

We acknowledge Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception.

We acknowledge the work of Mary Mackillop and the Sister’s of St. Joseph in establishing our school.

We have knowledge of our story as a school within the community.

We are proud of our identity.

3. Living the Gospel:

We believe in reconciliation.

We are embracing a holistic approach to religion and spirituality.

We believe actions speak louder than words.

4. Engaging Curriculum:

We believe in purposeful learning.

We offer innovative learning opportunities.

We explore and develop research based partnerships and practices.

We provide environmental experiences and actions.

We believe that staff have a pivotal role in the education of the children in our care.

We have high expectations for student performance.

We differentiate the curriculum for all our students’ needs.

5. Journey through life:

We cater for the needs of individuals in accordance with their stages of development - social, emotional, academic, spiritual, physical.

We respect the human dignity of each person.

We believe in building positive relationships between staff and students.

6. Make a difference:

We inspire our school community to make a difference.

We believe all people have the capacity to make a difference.

We are disciples of Jesus