Performing Arts

Performing Arts

St Mary’s offers a range of Performing Arts opportunities for students across the years. All students learn and prepare a performance for the biannual school fair. 

We have competed in Wakakirri Challenges both on stage and through filmed submission. This opportunity allows students to learn about the creative process, technical requirements and experience a live or recorded performance, as well as flexing their creative skills.

There is a weekly dance club where students continue to develop their movement vocabulary and learn performances in a range of dance styles, which are presented in our local community. 


Through learning in Dance students explore the elements of Dance, skills, techniques and processes through the practices of choreography, performance and appreciation of other dance works. They will engage with a range of dance styles and genres, when learning technique and developing physical skills in practical classes. Students look at how to communicate and express ideas or intentions when exploring choreographic skills. They observe and discuss other performances, looking at why people dance and the connection to identity and culture. 


Through learning in Drama students make, perform and respond to drama, drawing on human experience as a source of ideas. Students engage with the knowledge of drama, develop skills, apply techniques and process and use materials and technologies as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.

In Drama, students physically inhabit an imagined role in a situation. By being in a role and responding to a role, students explore behaviour through dramatic storytelling and dramatic action. As audiences, students learn to critically respond to and contextualise the dramatic action and stories they view and perceive.

Wakakirri Dance Competition

St Mary's School has been involved in the Wakakirri dance competition for a number of years. This is an opportunity for those students interested in dance to take it a step further and really extend themselves.

Wakakirri is designed to promote student engagement and well-being in schools through the creation and performance of captivating Story-Dances.

In 2023 we entered the following dance in the competition.  The students did an amazing job with the support of our dance teacher, Miss Gina.