High Performing Students.

Students can perform highly across range of things. Some are verbal and present well in their academic performance, others are non verbal who think in different ways and others perform physically well above others. Thus, it is important to think of high performing students in a very broad context.

There is no simple answer to how we support high performing students as it can depend on the strengths of the child. A high performing athlete may have opportunities to represent the state in their chosen sport, a gifted artist may be encouraged to enter an art competition and a talented writer may be supported to write a letter to a newspaper.  

What we can say is that we aim to work with the talents of the students individually. Let us find out what the needs of the child so we can work with them to take them to the next level.

St Mary's encourages our high performing students to participate in a number of competitions such at the Australian Maths Competition and the National History Challenge.

The important thing is to talk to your teacher so we can work together to put a plan together.