Parents and Friends.

The Parents and Friends Association (P and F) supports the school through Fundraising, organising events and providing other support to staff, students and families. It is a great way to help the school and to meet other families in the school. (and have a bit of fun.)

Some of the things we help to organise include

- Welcoming new families to the school.

- Icy pole sales to the students.

- Biannual School Fair

- Colour Run

- Christmas and Easter raffles

- Quiz nights and other events

- St Mary's Pantry

St Mary's Pantry: The families at St Mary's donate meals to our Pantry for our families going through times of need. Whether that be the birth of a new child, sickness in the family or something else, we like to support all our families.

The Parents and Friends Association has an organising group who coordinates the activities planned throughout the year.

The contact address for the organising Group is